1. Residence Sa Tanca Des Garbello Finca Mallorca
Sa Tanca is situated in the Sudeste of Majorca, 500 metres from Cala D’or and 1000 metres from the sea in 53.000 sq. metres of land with palm­trees, fruit trees and a wide variety of local flora. The building, typical of the Majorcan rurality opens to the gardens with porches and a, summerhouse, all near a most original and attractive swimming­pool with a solarium and an open Bar. The combination is very beatiful a joins perfectly with the silence of the countryside and the magic of open spaces. The Hotel is decorated with simplicity and good taste; the outside light brightens the rooms through the large French windows. There are arches separating the different spaces; farm tools are used as ornaments on the walls and all fabrics for curtains and tapestry have the attractive and typical Majorcan pattern.
Calonge-Cala d'Or
(+34) 971 64 37 09
(+34) 971 64 37 09
Cala D´Or

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