1. Hotel Perla Mallorca

Address: Calle Dels Cards 1

You really can't get any closer to the beach. The good price, quiet location in the large pedestrian zone and the pleasant, family atmosphere have given the hotel Perla a popularity it is difficult to beat. Long strolls beside the sea, cycling, hiking or simply relaxing ­ everyone can design their own holiday programme. And...

Playa Blanca

  1. Hotel Playa Blanca Mallorca

Address: Calle Llevant, 12


  1. Hotel Estoril Mallorca

Address: Calle La Pinta, 34

The hotel estoril is located in Portocolom, a very peaceful and picturesque Mediterranean town. It is approximately 1 km from Cala Marsal, the nearest beach. It has 79 rooms with T.V., telephone and balcony, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, Preschool service, bar buffet . In short, the ideal hotel for your quiet holidays.

Son Brondo

  1. Hotel Son Brondo Mallorca

Address: Palma Valldemossa

SON BRONDO is a manor state dating from the Arab period in Mallorca (Alquería Balagay) and the fourteenth century. From the sixteenth century on, it has belonged to the Alemany­Rosselló family, whose descendants are the current owners.


  1. Hotel Aquamarin Mallorca

Address: San Miguel, 31