In the World Health Organization chart, Spain is 7th when it comes to health care. In the course of time the Spanish people realized that health care could be a big advantage in tourism, more and more visitors looking besides fun, the opportunity to take cures which can put them back on their feet.

Mallorca is one of these medical centers because here one can benefit from the excellent climate for physical recovery, more and more tourists arriving on the island for these reasons. Therefore you can resort to the different clinics which offer physical recovery services and also Spa, giving you the chance to feel better, both on the inside and outside, using treatments which include losing weight and quitting cigarettes. More information about these recovery clinics, with their addresses and phone numbers, can be found here Health and Beauty Centers.

For the tourists of the European Union the health insurance is not obligatory because there is a mutual agreement between the E.U. member states, so that any health problems can be treated in the local clinics and hospitals.

If you follow the words of the saying "Healthy mind in a healthy body" you can enjoy what Mallorca has to offer - from nautical sports to jogging, roller skating or riding bicycles, which you can rent near the beach.

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