Having the renown of a cultural city, Palma de Mallorca unveils its past in the historic center of the resort where architectural monuments are all around the place, inviting you to immerse yourself in the oldest of times.

Looking like a fan that ends into the sea the Balearic Island capital appears as an endless art spring, every nation which participated in creating this beauty being represented by the buildings and historical monuments left behind.


Churches and Monasteries

Castles and Palaces

Among the worth mentioning historical monuments is the Arab Bath, the only building that remained from the Moslem period and the statue of Virgin Mary, which is said to make miracles and is located at Lluc Monastery in the Tramutana Mountains.

It is believed that the Arab Bath was part of a Moslem nobleman’s palace, the only things that remained intact until today being the main chamber and a small annex. No more than 10 people at a time can visit this monument.

As the legend says, the statuette of the Virgin Mary of Lluc was found on a Sunday afternoon, on a river bank, by a shepherd and a monk. Nowadays, the sculpture is to be found at Lluc Monastery and is visited by thousands of pilgrims, the belief that this piece of art makes miracles persisting even today.

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