Because tourism is the prime activity in Palma de Majorca it is a common thing that public transportation became of high importance along the years, offering trips for a low cost in and around Palma.

Tourist Bus - Line 50

If you want to visit the city without being pressed by time you can opt for the tourist bus, a public transportation which crosses the city in a tour that lasts one hour and twenty minutes. The advantage of such a journey is the fact that you can get down anytime you want to see something and than you can embark on another tourist bus because the ticket is valid an entire day. In the summer season these buses circulate between 10.00 AM and 20.00 PM, at twenty minutes distance from one another and there are 16 stations in which the bus stops.

Tourist train - Line 52

This service is offered to the tourists in summer and only if the weather permits it. The tour begins at 9.30 AM and ends at 12.00 PM and there are 44 stations in which the train stops on the way.


The most attractive options, but also the most expensive ones are those of the taxi companies which offer nonstop a city tour on three different routes. This way you can visit the most important historical locations for 30-75 euros (it depends on what route you choose), while at the car�s CD-unit plays an audio guide from which you learn details about the buildings you see on the road.

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