If you are an European Union citizen you can visit Mallorca with just your ID card, a passport being necessary for those tourists which are not from a E.U. country.

By Plane

Being an island it is easy to understand that the simplest way to get to Mallorca is by plane. The majority of the European countries offer direct flights to the capital (Palma de Mallorca), the Son Sant Joan airport (www.aena.es), the third largest in Spain, being located at 8 km from the city. Once you have arrived you can take a bus (leaves at every 15 minutes) or a cab, means of transportation that link the airport to the city, but not before you get some information from the Informational Centre of the airport which is open between 9.00 AM to 14.00 PM and 15.00 PM to 20.00 PM everyday or 9.00 AM to 14.00 PM on Saturdays.

By Ferry

Another way of arriving on the island is a journey by ferry, many transportation companies offering this kind of cruising services, which tie the most important cities in Spain to Mallorca. So, in approximately three hours you can blend pleasure with usefulness, admiring the wonders of the Mediterranean Sea, going by boat from Barcelona or Valencia to the Balearic Islands (Mallorca included). The ferries are modern looking, giving luxury and safety to those who venture in such a journey.

You can find more information on the sites of the following companies:

(0034) 902 454 645
(0034) 902 160 180
(0034) 902 119 128
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